“I returned from my medical mission trip in Malawi … and just wanted to write a short note thanking you again for your financial and prayer support for me an my team during our trip.  It is because of you, and many people like you, that the trip was a success.  The devil attacked in many ways–to the point where we all thought coming home early was maybe the best option.  However, the support and prayers from many, and God’s mercy and grace, allowed us to stay and finish our task.  It was a lovely 3 weeks of serving the children.  We saw 675 children in the 3 weeks we were there and treated a lot of malaria, pneumonia, skin diseases, wounds, and ear infections.  It was a privilege to get to care for the children at The Grace Center in this tangible way…” Liesel


Haiti & Dominican Republic


“Sandbags and muscles — 800 sandbags + 3000 nails + a coconut tree + cement + cement blocks = a house, a bench and a bathroom.”  “…Once we left Lubin we took a 9 hour stroll across country to Les Cayes, which is where Matthew hit the hardest.  While in Les Cayes my team and I stayed at an orphanage.  The Lord did some crazy things that week…During those two weeks among the orphans we discovered a community of hearing impaired kids/teenagers among the orphans.  We were able to build a relationship with the teenagers and love them.  Our ministry times at the orphanage felt similar to a two year old who used to love chicken nuggets but wanted fish sticks.  Our time could be summed up with ‘Do not give me the plan give me the change.’  But the best part of that God was still in the change…” Jarnae



“During our time in Malawi, my team members and I did not only serve the community, but were blessed with friendships, lessons, and memories to last a life time.  A few of our memories with the ministry include sewing maize bags for purchase, praying over victims at a hospital, and preparing moringa seeds to grow.  The moringa seeds share a likeness to the growth of those we reached and ourselves.  By serving others, we learned the value of community, witnessed strength through weakness, and experienced generosity in its purest form…”  Amaia

Other Grants Awarded by JSAMF


Medellin, Colombia – Worked alongside Open Arms Foundation in developing the rescue, rehabilitation, and training of abandoned dogs as therapy for wounded children.

Honduras – Videographer for Humanity and Hope United and Generous Coffee to help people gain new skills in leadership, farming, and livestock tending.

Pelerin, Haiti – Taught dance, helped build a school and planted trees.

Ahmadabad, India – Helped with building a school, taught art and bible stories to children, and donated toys.

Marvel, Arkansas – Worked in a youth club providing a sports program, worked on home improvement projects, and served the homeless and elderly.

Cambodia – Taught English, helped to rebuild a school, homes, and water pipes in a remote village.

Anapra, Mexico through El Paso, Texas – Helped with building a home in a community in need, child oriented play, and bible school-like activities for children.

Philippines and India – Worked with girls in a children’s home who have been abused and abandoned.



Belize – Tutoring and donation of school supplies and clothing.

Honduras – Conducted bible school activities with children at child development centers and helped mothers with babies.

Jamaica – Robin’s Nest children’s home teaching, doing menial chores, and holding babies.

El Paso, Texas – Assisted with house projects and house building.

Queens, New York – YouthWorks – Worked on community cleanup projects, helped out at a daycare for orphans.

Asia – Taught bible school, provided care for orphans, helped to build a roof for a new school, and helped prepare classrooms for the coming school year.

Zambia & Botswana, Africa – Helped with construction projects and youth mentoring.

Cheyenne Indian Reservation, Montana – Served the homeless and elderly, worked with children, home improvement, and provided sports programs.

Thailand & Cambodia – Worked with children in slums and orphanages, taught English, helped with manual labor, worked for a year on a sustainable farm to combat human trafficking, built animal shelters, and provided education.

Guatemala – Tutored children who are unable to attend school, assisted psychologist with play therapy for toddlers and babies, and started a traveling library.

Haiti – Helped at a malnutrition center and assisted children with handicaps.

Anapra/Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas – Helped with construction projects and the rebuilding of homes.

Nepal and India – Worked with orphans with special needs (cerebral palsy, heart disease, Apert Syndrome, Down Syndrome) and with at risk women and children through education.

Turkey – Taught English as a second language and distributed bibles.

Puerto Rico – Provided disaster relief and helped to build a new church.